Glass Shatter Fx Asset for Maya

v1.3 added support for 24, 25, 30 and 60 fps

This Glass shatter asset is a bit different from my usual FX assets as it runs with Maya dynamics.  The glass itself is a single pane of pre-shattered glass represented as an nCloth object.  The rig has a placement control for the pane itself, and a control for the force gun which will blow the glass out based on the start frame, force and other inputs that you provide via the CTL object.

The feature I like best about this is the ability to control just how much of the glass “sticks” to the frame.  With CTL.frameHold you can choose to have all of the glass blast out, some of it, or animate the value – you can see what I mean in the video above

When placing the glass, make sure you rewind your scene first.  The glass cannot be interactively moved again once you hit play and the sim takes over.

Let me know if you have any questions or difficulty using this rig and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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