Good Old Big Boy (udims)

Very high quality Mid-poly of the good old Big Boy, a steam locomotive in service in the USA between 1941 and 1962. This  model  isn’t a faithful reproduction, but it is very close to it. It’s  ready to be imported into Unreal Engine 5. It was modeled in in Blender and Foundry Modo 14 in real scale. My models are named logically, no part-name confusion when importing the models into UE5. It was texturized in Substance Painter, following along Udim workflow, so you’ll get 81 high resolution packed textures, but just one PBR material, so you’ll get , full 4k high resolution , that is possible thanks to Udims technique. The Big boy, was unwrapped onto 27 different UV tiles, since it has lot of stuff, it would be impossible to unwrap everything on one tile. Blender and Modo scenes are included in the package, SPainter  scene is provided too, so that it can be modified to your liking.

I really hope you like it.

I’m going to list the package’s content right below, so here goes:

You’ll find 7 archives containing:


1 high-poly model with subdivision not applied

1 mid-poly model all quad to use it with any 3d applications

1 mid-poly model all tris to use it with any 3d applications

1 set of Udims packed textures 4k for UE5

1 set of Udims textures 4k for Blender

1 set of Udims textures 2k for Foundry Modo

1 Blender file with textures 4K

1 Foundry modo file with textures 2k

1 Foundry modo  file (Original Scene including HP and  LP) Catmull Clark not applied.

1 Substance 3D Painter scene (V. 7.1)

   All the textures are included in the archives


Relevant details:

Unit = m (27.0884 m long by 5.1402 m wide by 6.9231 in height)

Model coordinates (0.0.0) in the 3d worlld

Quad mesh Vertex count = 82.164

Quad mesh Poly count = 77.953

Mesh triangulated poly count = 151.288

Mesh triangulated vertex count = 82.164


Here you can see how to import the model into UE5. You’ll see a different model in the  video, however the import process is exactly the same.

Have fun!!!

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