Grand Piano + Full Interior & Blender Rig

Grand Piano With Full Interior

Grand Piano, full detailed (with Rig for Blender)

This is a fully rigged, high detail model of a Grand Piano, ready to render in Blender Cycles 2.8.

It comes with the Piano, the Bench and all full interiors, all organized in Groups.
All Interiors are also grouped as the named Group “Interiors”, so that you easily can pick all interior parts and separate them for the sake of render Scene size in case the Piano is closed.

Driver based Rig for animation included (Blender only)

The Piano comes with a driver based Rig to control the Parts of the Piano, so that it is easy to open or close certain parts, or to animate the model.
The Keys, Pedals, Hammerheads and cord mutes are all single objects, so they can be animated individually as well. If you do not want to animate them, you can simply join them together to one object.

  • Fiction Brand Design
  • The Piano is of fictive Brand (“Lochner & Sach is not a real life Brand) to ensure Royalty Free usage.
  • PBR Material setup, royalty free use of shaders
  • The piano comes with a set of PBR Shaders for photorealistic results. These shaders are royalty free of use, so you can use them in any other project.
  • Studio Setup included (Blender only)
  • The Piano comes with a studio setup with a preset of lamps, so that you can directly start rendering.

Verts and Faces Count

For the Model without Interiors:

  • Verts: 51.549
  • Faces: 48.739

With all Interiors Parts active:

  • Verts: 678.885
  • Faces: 674.417

Note on rig usage (Blender only)

To control certain parts of the Piano, use the arrows of the Control Panel wich is available in the 3D Viewport. Rotate the arrows along their local X-axes by pressing r-x-x.
Please note that the Control for the Part “Top Board Front” has a rotation Limit of 179,9° instead of 180°, because Blender can not handle 180° Turns (Flipping Error is a known Blender issue).

The Keys and Hammerheads can also be animated individually, they are all limited in rotation by default, so that the movements will be realistic.

Credit For Music Notes Image Texture

The Image Texture of the Music Notes is taken from,_K.545_%28Mozart,_Wolfgang_Amadeus%29
and released under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 License

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