Grayscale Maker + 2 Smart Materials


The Grayscale Maker is a quick ready to go grayscale base generator for Substance Painter that handpainted style artists can use as a base to colorize and bring cool textures to their models; you can use it as it is generated or export it as a base to your desired software to detail your grayscale texture it as much as you need it.

It is nothing complex but a really useful tool to get a base (experts know that starting a stylized texture in grayscale is a plus)

Also, this set includes 2 smart materials to get quickly stylized textures that you can push as much as you want.

The content in the set:

-GRAYSCALE MAKER V1: a generator for substance painter that consists in the creation of a grayscale base once you bake your textures (Ambient Occlusion, Normals, Worldspace, Curvature, Position)

-ABI_SSM_Gradients: a smart material for substance painter that contains many options for customization, including obviously the color management of it.

-ABI_SSM_Masks: this is a very simple smart material that showcases the use of the generator as a mask in different color layers to reach a colored material, while it is a very simple material it is a basic tool that you can use, mix and modify to create amazing textures (like a hammer, primitive but indispensable )

-Basic User Guide: A quick guide to know the generator and materials so you won’t waste time trying to understand what the stuff does, but you will spend it reading xd.

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