Hairtg-cards V1.1

HairTG-Cards re-imagines hair card authoring with compelling and 100% procedural texturing and modeling tools within Substance 3D hosts.

Create hair textures directly in Substance 3D Painter from the many available design presets. Modify hair texture properties in real time in Painter and see the result in-context, on the hair model within your 3D scene.

HairTG-Cards also enables to create hair card based 3D hair models within Substance 3D Stager using procedural geometry generation tools.

A Discord server is available for questions and support!


Substance 3D Painter 7.4 / 2021 or compatible version for texturing, Substance 3D Stager 1.1.2 or compatible version for modeling.

​The modeling and texturing tools are independent. It is also possible to use the modeling tools partially and complete the model into another software.

Main features:

New in v1.1:

  • 26 new parametric design presets, bringing the total amount of presets to 66.
  • Added the HairTG-Cards Smart Material with a default layer structure to fasten working with HairTG-Cards: simply drag & drop the HairTG-Cards Smart Material in your layer stack and start working!
  • Fixed a user channel assignment issue in the HairTG-Cards template regarding the ID map (export settings).

Texturing in Substance 3D Painter:

  • Procedural PBR hair/fur texture generation for hair cards in Substance 3D Painter with direct visualization on the 3D model.
  • Modular design and centralized control: design hair textures independently and control their main properties from a centralized Controller enabling to change various properties to all the hair textures at once such as thickness, length, waving etc. all this with direct visualization on the 3D hair model within Painter.
  • Supported PBR maps: Opacity, ID, Depth (Height/Displacement), Color, Flow (Direction), Anisotropy Angle and Level, Normal, Ambient Occlusion, Roughness, Root and Tip.
  • Dozens of artist-designed texture presets ready to be used and modified through parameters.
  • Many parameters to procedurally generate hair textures including hair thickness, length, shape, density, waving, per-hair opacity handling, combing, layering, multiple hair grouping levels, clumping, braid/rope designs and many more.
  • Automated variation support enabling to obtain hundreds of unique designs by just moving a slider.
  • Extensive coloring modes including shadowing modes, tint modes in full and at root/tip, color presets, automatic color palettes and Blend Maps.
  • Morphing support enabling to morph a design into one another, also usable to generate variations.

Modeling in Substance 3D Stager:

  • Procedural hair card 3D model generation in supporting .sbsm Substance 3D Model hosts (Substance 3D Stager).
  • Enables generation of complex hair/fur models using a modular approach. Generates groups of cards with independent properties which, when assembled, produce a complete hair or fur model.
  • Multiple card distribution options with two types of configurable virtual supports.
  • Variation parameters enabling to quickly generate alternate variations of the models.
  • Smart mirroring enabling to lay out cards on both sides of the head simultaneously, varying the distributions so they do not look similar.
  • Multiple card shaping capabilities such as multi-location directional bending, twist, spiral.
  • Ability to distort cards along their width.
  • Selectable number of geometry subdivisions along the card’s width and length.
  • UV assignment per card type.
  • Several card types per card group, each to be UVed independently.

Other Editions:

  • HairTG-Cards Mini: this is a low-priced, simplified and limited version of HairTG-Cards, coming with a dedicated tutorial. This is a great starting point to try out and learn HairTG-Cards!
  • HairTG-Cards Pro is another edition of HairTG-Cards including the same content as HairTG-Cards with the addition of components for Substance 3D Designer and ability to export texture design parameters from Painter to reuse in Designer. It can be used to create design presets, morph shapes and generate materials covering whole sets of textures.


HairTG-Cards Mini:

HairTG-Cards Mini is included with HairTG-Cards, you may use it to learn the tool as it is a simplified version, or you may start with the regular HairTG-Cards also.

  • SBSARs for Substance 3D Painter.
  • Tutorial video.


  • SBSARs for Substance 3D Painter and SBSMs for Substance 3D Stager.
  • 6 manuals: Texturing/Modeling manuals and Reference manuals.
  • Tutorial videos (about 4h in total).

License notice:

Licenses are single seat only. You cannot resell or distribute the package or some of its content into a form that would expose it to reuse. In particular you cannot share Painter projets or Smart Materials made using SBSARs from this package unless users have an appropriate license of this product.

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