HairTG – Hair Clump Tool

HairTG – Hair Clump Tool is a texture generation tool for Substance Designer and Substance sbsar hosts such as the free Substance Player. It creates procedural hair/fur clump textures suitable to use with hair cards or as alphas into painting apps. It can also be used to generate non-hair textures for designs based on patterns along curves.

You may also want to try HairTG – Strand, a limited version with which you can try some of the features of the Hair Clump Tool for free!

1.2 update video – 1.1 update video – Demo video  – Tutorial video

New in version 1.2.1

  • Updated all graphs to Substance Designer 2019.1.0: make sure to use this version to open the sbs demo files (sbsars are still compatible with the previous version).
  • HairTG – Tiler template graph has been rebuilt for better organization and performance. There are now visualization nodes at each output of each hair clump as well as resolution reduction before entering into the Tiler nodes which greatly improves performance of the latter. The new graph also outputs a Normal map if needed.
  • All sbsars have now proper icons for showing up into the Library.
  • Tiler packages have been updated so the graph contained into the sbsar package can now be dragged from the Library into a user graph.
  • Documentation update, in particular regarding the new Tiler sample graph.

New in version 1.2

  • HairTG – Freestyle: manipulate control points directly in Substance Designer’s 2D view.
  • HairTG – Tiler: tile up to 40 hair clumps into single textures with flexible positioning controls as groups and up to individual clumps.
  • Flow map output with two filters and direction checker utility.
  • Special Mask output mode to generate a Gradient Ramp map.
  • Per-parent child hair strand count and dispersion control.
  • Rotation at control point to create asymmetry into hair clumps.
  • Local hair group rotation center in addition to global one.
  • Masked depth output in addition to the existing alpha based output.

Overall features

  • Generate hair clump textures of various shapes and tile them into ready-to-export textures.
  • Generate Mask, Alpha (opacity), ID and Depth (height), Color, Flow and Gradient Ramp maps.
  • Quickly create variations based on a given design by simply changing a random seed value.
  • Generate parent hair strands from which can be derived a large number of child strands.
  • Curve individual strands or strand groups along various vertical locations. Freestyle mode where curve controls can be directly manipulated in Substance Designer 2D view.
  • Taper or spread hair strands at various locations to shape the clump.
  • Comb child hair strands and control their dispersion, in the whole clump or independently for each hair group.
  • Hair strand thickness control.
  • Position the strands and let them drift from each other at multiple locations using controlled random ranges.
  • Fade root and tip of the hair with controlled and random factors.
  • Generate automatic depth profiles for each parent strand, or use custom ones.
  • Let child strand depth profiles derive more or less from their parent.
  • Tile up to 40 hair clumps with various positioning controls into textures ready to be used in game engines or renderers.
  • Use a visualizer tool to shape automatic depth profiles and check flow map directions.
  • Choose the range of grayscale levels to generate the ID map.
  • Use it for non-hair textures bringing custom grayscale or color patterns to shape designs along curves.

Content of the pack

  • HairTG – Hair Clump Tool in sbsar format
  • HairTG – Freestyle in sbsar format
  • HairTG – Tiler in sbsar format
  • demo sbs files for each sbsar
  • User manual
  • Release notes
  • License notice and disclaimer


HairTG – Hair Clump Tool was created and tested with Substance Designer 2019.1.0. It is recommended to use it into this environment, it is however likely to run with other sbsar hosts respecting the same specifications.


This product is provided with a Personal license (non-commercial) as defined by FlippedNormals license scheme, please see this page for more information. If you need a commercial license, please contact the author.

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