Hairtg – Surface, Hair Edition Extended V2pre

HairTG – Surface, Hair Edition Extended is a hair/fur texture generator for Adobe Substance 3D Painter and Designer. It contains both the Hair and Facial Hair editions of HairTG – Surface as well as components to create your own facial hair designs and custom generators with Substance 3D Designer.

The 2.0pre version contains:

  • HairTG – Surface, Hair Edition v2.0
  • HairTG – Surface, Facial Hair Edition v1
  • The Extended components for Designer v1
  • Preview/subset of the Extended components for Designer v2

When the Facial Hair Edition 2.0 will be available, this Extended package will be upgraded fully to 2.0 components.

If you are interested in the Hair Edition alone and/or a non-commercial license, please check HairTG – Surface, Hair Edition.

You may join our Discord server for support and discuss with the community.


Substance 3D Painter 7.2.3 or compatible version.

For the Extended specific components, Substance Designer 2021.1.2 or compatible version.


  • HairTG – Surface, Hair Edition: grow PBR hair/fur on any surface, procedurally with dozens of parameters and paint masks to drive the hair direction, length, aspect and other properties.
  • HairTG – Surface, Facial Hair Edition: a collection of PBR facial hair parametric decals initially including 10 eyebrow, 5 eyelashes, 8 mustache and 3 goatee designs which can be modified procedurally in various ways using dozens of parameters.
  • Access to the HairTG – Surface base hair generator component (SBSAR) the Painter components are built from (v1 and v2 preview).
  • SBS files of the Painter components built upon the HairTG – Surface base component so you can create your own as well as custom designs (eyebrows, eyelashes etc.) for the Facial Hair Edition component (v1 only).
  • SBS files of the all Facial Hair Edition designs (26 in total) that you can study and reuse for your own designs (v1 only).


  • Contents of HairTG – Surface, Hair Edition v2.0.
  • Contents of HairTG – Surface, Facial Hair Edition v1.0.1.
  • Substance 3D Designer components associated to v1 and a subset of those associted to v2.
  • Tutorial videos of the Substance 3D Designer components associated to v1.

Note: the SBS files included in this package make use of the HairTG-Surface SBSAR generator whose SBS is not provided.

License notice

Licenses are single seat only. You cannot resell or distribute the package or some of its content into a form that would expose it to reuse. You cannot share Painter Smart Materials made using SBSARs from this package unless users have an appropriate license of this product. Users using custom SBSAR/SBS making use of the HairTG-Surface components are subject to the same license terms as this product, they must have a license of HairTG – Surface, Hair Edition Extended in order to use them.

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