Hairtg – Surface, Hair Edition V2

HairTG – Surface, Hair Edition v2 procedurally generates PBR hair textures directly on a head or scalp mesh, without hair cards or other geometry. You may use it as is or as a base layer and add hair cards afterwards. It comes with an comprehensive suite of example projects and tutorial videos.

You may also check HairTG – Surface, Hair Edition Extended which contains this tool as well as the Facial Hair Edition and additional tools for Substance 3D Designer.

You may join our Discord server for support and discuss with the community.


Substance 3D Painter 7.2.3 or compatible version.


Version 2.0 considerably enhances the tool in ease of use, capabilities and output quality with new fiber generators for short/long hair and fur, new example projects and a whole new set of video tutorials replacing those of the earlier versions. Here is the overall features list:

  • Grow texture-based hair/fur on any surface, procedurally with dozens of parameters to drive the hair direction, length, aspect and other properties.
  • Four fiber generators using two generation technique: Fragment-based (fast, for short hair or fur) and Per-hair based (each fiber is unique, long hair support).
  • Paint or procedurally generate the hair direction and local adjustments to hair length, shape and other properties.
  • Easy access with a simplified short hair generator to get started with the tool and follow along tutorial videos.
  • A specific Long Hair generator where the hair shape follow the direction lines.
  • Extensive set of coloring modes including color palettes, blend map combinations, per-hair coloring, local coloring etc.
  • Procedural mask and direction (flow) generator and filters to create accurate and easily modifiable masks and direction maps.
  • Outputs the following PBR maps: Opacity, Depth (Height, Displacement), ID, Color (basecolor), Flow (Direction), Normal, Roughness, Ambient Occlusion, Anisotropy Angle and Level, up to 8K in resolution.
  • 7 examples projects demonstrating all the generators including Painter projects, textures and Toolbag scenes (4 hair, 2 fur, 1 beard).
  • A whole new set of tutorial videos in 17 parts (about 6h in total) organized in series: Basics (core topics), Design (follow along designs), Advanced (specific topics discussed in details), Overview (side topics).


  • Substances in SBSAR form for Substance 3D Painter.
  • User Manual, Tutorial Video listing, Release Notes
  • 7 example projects including Painter projects, textures and Toolbag scenes.
  • About 6h of tutorial videos (17 parts in 4 series).

License notice

Licenses are single seat only. You cannot resell or distribute the package or some of its content into a form that would expose it to reuse. In particular you cannot share Painter Smart Materials made using SBSARs from this package unless users have an appropriate license of this product.

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