Handmade Mosaic Tutorial

How to make Mosaic Style Material in Substance Designer

After watching this process, you can create any type of mosaic material easily. This tutorial can help you to understand SVG workflow in the substance designer. with SVG you can have a very flexible way to draw anything such as a custom mask or pattern in substance designer. The mosaic pattern could be a great example of this usage and that is what you learn in this tutorial. I hope you can learn and enjoy that.



  • 190 minutes unnarrated videos
  • 1080 Resolution



Chapter 01- First Step: in this chapter, we are going to set up our file and structure and after that create our mosaic pattern with SVG node.

Chapter 02- Second Step: After creating and blending mosaic patterns, it’s time to create other data that we need in the material. First, we create Height/Normal/Ambient data for our material. Adding extra damage and scratches to the surface can bring more reality to the material. And after that, we are going to make roughness/metallic/base color data and finalized the mosaic material.

Software Used:

  • Substance Designer



  • Intermediate


Prerequisite Basic knowledge of Substance Designer


Attention: clean SBS file are included in this product that you can study over that


Attention: all videos are unnarrated (it means there are no voice-over videos or subtitles)




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