Handpainting Skin Textures in Substance Painter

Free 25 Minutes – Chapter 2

Learn How to Paint Skin From Scratch

In this Substance Painter tutorial, you’ll learn everything you need in order to paint realistic human skin from scratch. We use very easy techniques which everyone can use. The series starts off by laying down a quick base with only a few colors, which are then refined as we progress. We’ll also cover how to paint roughness and bump maps, to greatly increase realism.

Color Theory for Skin

We cover the fundamentals of color theory when it comes to skin. Once you understand how to use a few simple colors to paint stunning skin textures, you can paint any kind of organic textures, from humans to killer aliens! We believe in simplicity and we keep everything nice and clear for all skill levels.

Used by the Professionals

The techniques taught have been used by your instructors to paint detailed texture maps for Hollywood movies, such as Pacific Rim 2 and Batman V Superman. Not only are the techniques easy to use, they are also incredibly powerful. You can use what you learn on anything from personal projects to giant blockbusters!


  • 9 video tutorial files
  • Starting point spp-file
  • Final result spp-file
  • Color swatch

Chapter List

  • 01 – Introduction and Setup
  • 02 – Painting the Base Color Map
  • 03 – Refining the Color Map
  • 04 – Additional Painting
  • 05 – Adding Splotches and Pimples
  • 06 – Painting the Eyes
  • 07 – Painting the Roughness
  • 08 – Additional Skin Painting
  • 09 – Adding pores

Introduction to Substance Painter

If you’re new to Substance Painter, we highly recommend that you first check out our 5 Star Rated Introduction to Substance Painter, which covers everything you need to know in order to get started.

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  • Rating is important...

    1. I don’t think this is for complete beginner, (I suggest, less words…more important key point to say…)
    2. There are 9 videos. 6 only for base color, create…delete…smooth…create…delete smooth…in loop…. (just one video in my opinion would be enough…)
    3. No a single word about final render and settings
    4. The cost of this tutorial is not aligned with the quality and the material (see the tutorial of Magdalena Dadela, it’s free and it’s moooooore better……or see Pavlovich….free…)
    5. I really dont like to write this guys…I know you are very good guys…and Im sorry for my points above but…. as I told ,in the Title, rating is important…. 40$ as well…

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  • Very Helpful

    So I had my base mesh model ready to paint for skin tones, and this was super helpful, I learned the skin colour theory which I didnt know existed! This tutorial was very informative on how to paint skin, it does exactly what it says on the tin ‘ Learn How to Paint Skin From Scratch’. When I applied the techniques taught I felt my model was coming to life.

    Thank you Flipped Normals for providing this tutorial. I highly recommend this series to anyone at any level.

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  • Great Tutorial

    As a beginner, I found this tutorial to be exactly what I needed to learn how to texture a character and why certain workflows work better than others. I’ve attempted to use scans in the past and they are great, but I feel as if that workflow is best reserved for situations where time is of the essence. This tutorial actually teaches artists the “how to” when it comes to texture creation and also the “why” so I found that it really enhances a skill set that I’m trying to learn as my focus has been primarily on modeling and sculpting up to this point.

    Thank you for your feedback.

  • Good but not great

    I’ve watched the tutorial and it’s ok for creating texture for games, but if you want to tackle more detail and improve your texturing (if you are at a good level) then the tutorial is okay. I find it super usefull for beginners because is full of good information and guides.

    Combining this tutorial with Magdalena Dadela tutorial and you will rock 😀

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