Hard Surface Kitbash Pack – Real Mechanical Components

Hard Surface Kitbash Pack – Real Mechanical Components

This pack contains 80+ real mechanical components used in real engineering and design projects.

What it solves?

If you’re working on mechanical engineering projects or you want to achieve realistic hard surface designs in terms of mechanical components, definitely you’ll love this.

There are many hard surface kitbash packs out there, but often they are a bit sci-fi or are based on a specific artistic concept and sometimes you want to achieve more “real mechanism of our days” look.

How is it made? 

The components are modelled taking into account real engineering regulations such as DIN or ISO in terms of measurements, scale and proportions.

For example, you will find the classic Allen Screw DIN 912 M8x40.

Some of this parts contain a Bevel Modifier, so you can enable or disable it in case you need more close details.

All this parts have the origin point well placed regarding its function.

Please, note that not all the pieces are “Subdiv Ready” but “nGon Friendly”.

Mid-poly to High-poly models.

This pack contains:

Screw heads / Threaded screws (simplified thread for polycount reasons) / Nuts  / Flanges / Springs / Handles / Ball Joints  / Eyebolts … and other misc. components.

All these models are Blender Ready. You’ll find:

  • .blend file with all the components properly named and basic materials.
  • Separated .blend files for each component with proper origin point and named for easily append to your projects.
  • FBX and OBJ exports to easily import in any 3D software.
  • A sheet with the thumbnails and number of each component.

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