Hard Surface Techniques in Zbrush

Hard Surface Techniques in ZBrush

Since creating my FishBot model during the ZBrush 4R8 beta test, I’ve gotten a lot of questions and requests for tutorials on how to create what I call FaunaBots (a series of animal robots). This series is here to answer those questions.

In this series, I start with my base idea in sketch, and take it through the full concept ideation, modeling, and posing stages. I share some of my techniques for creating animation-ready topology as well as some tips for how I try to create a consistent feel across the model, design as I go, and how I can cheat the look while forcing the geometry (carefully, of course) to fit a pose and appear to actually work.

Come see how I handle all of these things and more! This series is made for all experience levels. It should be instructional for the beginner, and insightful for the advanced user.

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