Head Anatomy Ecorche

Human head ecorche 3D model – and head scan

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  • Fun Experimental way of Sculpting

    For a dollar, it’s hard to complain about much of anything here. The topology is a mess, with crazy triangles everywhere, but assuming you aren’t using this specifically for animating out of the box or whatever, then this is a cool starting point for creating some cool head sculpts.

    My workflow for this, was to mirror it in the deformation menu (so the internal side is on the left) and then I did the “Mirror & Weld” option under Modify Topology to get both sides to look like the muscle/vein side, so everything was symmetrical. And then I used dynamesh with a setting of 512, and that gave me enough resolution to work with, while sculpting on each segment of the face, and then smoothing out the details where I wanted an outer layer of “flesh” to be more visible. The end result was a nice looking human head, shaped in a unique way that I wouldn’t normally think to shape a head. I did this a few times, always ending up with a unique (but realistic) looking head, which made it easy to create a wide variety of head styles that I wouldn’t normally think of when using other base meshes. (Leading to unique looking noses, cheeks, jaws, mouths, etc…) A lot of things that I sometimes don’t spend enough time on when using other base meshes.

    So in the end, I guess I use this sort of like a napkin sketchpad, and since I got great results with it, over and over again, in a very short period of time, I would highly recommend it. Especially since it’s not very expensive, and it’s a fun diversion from the sculpting methods I’ve grown used to.

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