Head Basemesh for Production

This head basemesh was designed with production in mind. It’s optimized to facilitate the artist’s needs by allowing to skip the retopology and UVs process. Just sculpt a head and export whatever level of subdivision you need for your project.

Key features are:

  • Files types: .ztl, .mb, .fbx and .obj
  • Topology that is suitable for both sculpting, animation and production (games/vfx)
  • UVs that are optimized and symmetrical
  • Polygroups to make your life easier while sculpting
  • Creasing to facilitate form retention from Subdiv1 to Subdiv2

A couple of tips to use the basemesh to its full potential:

The creasing around the eyelids and the mouth is here to help you keep the sharpness of those forms after the first subdivision.
Once you’ve subdivided the mesh once, it’s recommended to uncrease the mesh by going to Tool>Geometry>Crease>UnCreaseAll

The basemesh has preassigned polygroups that allow you to make selections and mask faster. Here’s how you can use them.

To select a polygroup:
1. Hold Ctrl + Shift and Click on a polygroup to isolate it

To mask a polygroup:
1. Hit W to activate your Transpose/Gizmo3D
2. Hold Ctrl and Click on a polygroup to mask everything but that polygroup


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