Head Basemesh for Production V2

Head Basemesh for Production

This head basemesh was designed with production in mind. It’s optimized to facilitate the artist’s needs by allowing to skip the retopology and UVs process. Just sculpt a head and export whatever level of subdivision you need for your project.

*FREE UPDATE* Now includes a female bust basemesh!

Key features are:

  • Files types: .ztl, .mb, .fbx and .obj
  • Topology that is suitable for both sculpting, animation and production (games/vfx
  • UVs that are optimized and symmetrical
  •  Polygroups to make your life easier while sculpting
  • Creasing to facilitate form retention from Subdiv1 to Subdiv2

A couple of tips to use the basemesh to its full potential:

The basemesh has preassigned polygroups that allow you to make selections and mask faster. Here’s how you can use them.

To select a polygroup:
1. Hold Ctrl + Shift and Click on a polygroup to isolate it

To mask a polygroup:
1. Hit W to activate your Transpose/Gizmo3D
2. Hold Ctrl and Click on a polygroup to mask everything but that polygroup


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  • I love it!

    I really like this, it made my life easier. Cheers to Vincent!

    Thank you for your feedback.

  • Great UV's!

    I’ll probably use the full body basemesh bundle more frequently than this, but sometimes you just want to work with a head, and these are perfect for getting right to the point. ESPECIALLY the UV’s, they’re perfect as far as I’m concerned. Really easy to work with, and I couldn’t be happier. It’s also worth noting, at the time of this review, the website doesn’t mention this, but this pack comes with both the male & female heads, so that’s a nice bonus for sure. I haven’t finished any actual projects with them yet, since I just got them last night, but I’ve messed around with trying to do some quick sculpts of a few people, and they turned out great, with minimal effort. Obviously your mileage may vary with that, but overall, these are fantastic, and a great price if you’re just looking to sculpt with a head, and don’t need the full body from the larger pack. (Which is also an amazing pack!) Vincent Menier is the man!

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