Head Vdmskin Detail Brushes + Alphas

Head VDMSkin Detail Brushes + Alphas

This Pack includes:

  1. Cheek Wrinkles brush (2 cheek, 4 cheek lines, 1 ear).
  2. Eye_Contour brush (5 contours, 5 down lids, 1 upper lid).
  3. Eyebrows brush (3 variations).
  4. ForeHead and Frown brush (3 forehead, 5 frowns, 2 combined)
  5. Lips brush (1 set x 6 parts for low frequencies and another set for high frequencies).
  6. Mouth Contour Wrinkles brush (3 chin, 1 around the mouth, 3 upper mouth)
  7. Neck Wrinkles brush (3 variations).
  8. 2 bonus brushes (shaved hair and fur).
  9. All the 55 Alpha maps that should work in Mudbox, 3D Coat, Modo, Cinema 4D, Blender, substance painter, and any other app that supports alpha maps for sculpting.

Usable for sculpting all age characters, specially elderly.

Tested in Zbrush 2018.

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