Horse Skeleton Sculpture

High quality sculpture of a horse skeleton.

Included files and formats

  • Zbrush 2019 Ztool (decimated mesh)
  • Zbrush 2019 Ztool (Subdivision levels)
  • .OBJ (decimated mesh)
  • .OBJ (lowest subdivisión level)

Mesh Details

  • Zbrush Ztool with subdivision levels: 14.1 million points.
  • .OBJ Lowpoly: 203.086 quads
  • .OBJ Decimated mesh: 4’483.372 triangles.


  • This model was created from scratch, by carefully studying image references, videos and books on equine anatomy. Although great effort was put to make it accurate, please be advised that this model may not be 100% anatomically correct.
  • The model was created in real scale 1:1.
  • This is a highpoly digital sculpture only. The model is not retopologized, and it doesn’t have UVs.
  • The Zbrush version has subdivision levels, and the lowest subdivision is a Zremesh mesh.
  • In the Ztool with subdivisions, the symmetrical bones (Femur, Humerus, Tibia, etc.) have their Right and Left bones merged in a single object, for easier symmetrical sculpting.

Thank you!


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    version update please

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