Houdini for Absolute Beginners

Are you a beginner and want to learn all the Houdini effects?

Then I welcome you to Houdini for Absolute Beginners course.


Hello, my name is Shahzad Ahmad. I am a Houdini FX Artist. I am passionate about creating Visual Effects (explosions, smokes, fire, clouds, dust, particles, magic, etc.), as well as all kinds of destruction and fluids. I am a self-taught Artist. And I love watching science documentaries and Sci-Fi movies!

By the end of this course:

  • You will be able to work in Houdini with confidence.
  • You will be able to create procedural geometry in houdini.
  • You will be able to create smoke and pyro simulations.
  • You will be able to create particle simulations.
  • You will be able to create soft body simulations.


  • Houdini procedural workflow
  • Geometry Attributes
  • Geometry Grouping
  • Scattering multiple objects
  • Working with VOPs
  • Writing VEX Code
  • Geometry data types
  • Houdini volumes
  • Building smoke simulation network
  • Building pyro simulation network
  • Working with ACES color space
  • Create particles FX
  • Working with grains
  • Create rigid body simulations
  • Geometry fracturing techniques
  • Working with RBD Constraints
  • Working with vellum solver
  • Create vellum soft bodies
  • Vellum constraints
  • Creating flip fluids
  • Rendering flip fluids
  • Rendering with Karma XPU


We will start with the basic houdini navigation and get familiar with the user interface. And then we will talk about geometry grouping and geometry attributes and create two procedural projects. First we will create a procedural spiral staircase and then procedural nuclear reactor cooling tower. After that we will learn about VEX and VOPs working with VOPs and writing VEX code and we will create projection deformers both in VEX and VOPs. After we have good understanding with houdini SOPs then we will dive into houdini DOP land and create dynamics simulations we will learn about volumes and voxels and build a smoke simulation network. After that we will learn about pyro solvers and create fire simulations to generate sparks for fire and then we learn about explosions and create an explosion project. After that we learn about particles, setting up particle simulation networks to work with particle forces and we will create our own custom forces to drive particle simulation. And then we will learn about grains, how to activate grains and create sand simulation. After that we will learn about rigid body simulations and setup RBD simulation networks and we will learn different geometry fracturing techniques and we learn about constraints, how to create constraints and different constraints types. And after that we will learn about vellum to create soft bodies simulation and learn about different vellum constraints and how to dynamically adjust constraints while simulating. And we will finish this course out with flip fluids and we learn how to set up a flip simulation network. We will learn about flip viscosity to create viscous fluids. And we will render all our projects in Karma renderer. We will learn how to import geometry in Solaris for rendering and we will learn about Karma XPU for rendering.


I have designed this course for beginners who want to learn Houdini.


  • I expect you to have some sort of basic 3D knowledge.
  • You should have Houdini 19.5 installed on your computer.


So if you want to learn Houdini and want to create procedural geometry and FX, then join me now. Hope to see you in the course.

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