How to Create a Game/film Ready Shirt – From Marvelous Designer to Zbrush

In this narrated course I will guide you through the complete process to create a game/film ready shirt from start to finish.

 What will you learn?

  • Create perfectly fitted patterns for your avatar, regardless of its body form 
  • Modify patterns to create the desired garment
  • The workflow for making a realistic garment inside Marvelous
  • Export from Marvelous Designer to Zbrush
  • Create automatic retopology for your garment 
  • Unwrap perfect UV’s
  • Bake high-definition simulated mesh into the retopology
  • Add convincing seams details and wrinkles
  • Include props to your garment 
  • Create HD displacement maps for your low-poly version 
  • Create believable fabric textures
  • Develop convincing shaders using tileables
  • Render a final piece to show your work

 The duration of this course is 2 hours and I have narrated a voice-over to explain all the process, without any cuts 

At the end of this course, you will have the skill to create any garment that you desire, from start to finish

Who should buy this course?

  •  3D character artists who need to develop convincing garments in a quick and hasslefree way
  •   3D Garmet creators who want to take their creations further, sculpting on them and rendering into a stunning final piece

I have tried to create the course with the information that I would have liked to know years ago, so I hope it will be useful to more artists.

Alberto LH 

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