How to Retopologize the Rest of the Body – Tier 2

What You’ll Learn

In this character retopology video, you’ll learn my workflow for doing proper retopo, which you can use time and time again. Covered is all my tips and tricks for a fast and fun way of doing retopology.

What’s Included

  • Retopology of the Hands and Feet
  • Reprojecting the High Resolution Details
  • Retopology of the Second Pass (I go over many key elements of the body in more depth)
  • 2 Base Meshes
  • Pass 1 base mesh (this is the more basic sculpting pass covered in the free tutorial)
  • Pass 2 Base Mesh


  • Turntables for individual sections of the body for easy viewing
  • Head Turntable
  • Torso Turntable
  • Hand Turntable
  • Foot Turntable
  • Arm Turntable
  • Leg Turntable


  • 4 A4 Reference Sheets (Different Angles)
  • Full Body References
  • Head and Torso References
  • Hand, Foot and Neck References
  • Arm and Leg References

Free Videos

Check out some of my free videos on retopology on my YouTube Channel.

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