Hulk Vol 10: Armor Modeling

Are you a student, professional or amateur and want to become a digital artist? Do you want to develop skills for modeling high quality fabrics and armor pieces for 3D characters in the film, digital animation and video game industries? If your answer is yes, this course is for you! In this volume, I’ll show you how to generate the shape of each piece of the infamous Gladiator’s armor. Through 34 classes, you will learn everything you need to model the fabrics, helmets, belts and other components of the armor.

In this course you will find the different topics: -Helmet – Pauldrons (shoulder piece) – Vambraces and reuse (arm parts) -Gauntlets -Fauld and Tasset (Belt Armor) -Sabbaths (foot wear) -Integration of all the components of the armor for a professional result.

What are you waiting for? Start working at the level of industry professionals!

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