Human Skeleton Sculpture

High quality sculpture of Human Skeleton. Includes all major bones of the human body.

Mesh Details

  • Zbrush Ztool. Zremesh objects with subdivision levels. About 48 million points.
  • Zbrush Ztool. Decimated meshes. About 2.2 million points.
  • OBJ Decimated mesh. Number of triangles: 4’428.764
  • OBJ Lowest subdivision mesh. Number of triangles: 339.704


  • Zbrush 4R7 Ztool
  • OBJ


  • This model was created by carefully studying image references, videos and books on human anatomy. Although great effort was put to make it accurate, please be advised that it might not be 100% anatomically correct.
  • The model was created in real scale 1:1, it represents a human of about 190 cm height.
  • The OBJ file can also be used for 3d printing, since all the bones are watertight or manifold, that is, they have no holes. However, some additional editing may be needed. Depending on the size and pose that you are going to print the model, you may need to do some additional editing to adjust it to your printer and material requirements. For example you may need to make some parts thicker, or add support sprues, change scale, etc.
  • The bones of the hands and feet are all individual meshes, but they are merged in a single object for easier manipulation.
  • The Ztool with subdivision levels also has Polygroups for easy selection and modification of each bone.



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