Hydrant – Hard Surface Modeling Tutorial in Blender


In this almost 2 hours long video, you will see my workflow to model this hydrant in Blender with my add-ons.

You will see how I add a reference with Easyref Addon, how I make the blocking with simple cylinders and how I add the details to have the final product. It’s more like me who show my workflow than a slow tutorial, even if I show and explain to you everything.


In the first part, I will add a reference in the 3Dview with my Easyref addon. Then, I will start the modeling and follow the reference. I start with the blocking and continue to add details, for that I use my Speedflow add-on to add bevels with bevel weight and give different sizes of the bevel.

The goal is to keep everything editable – to not apply the bevels, to avoid the burden of removing them afterwards. After the blocking, I will start to add details to the mesh, add different parts and finish the model.

The final product will be as clean as possible – as you can see in the gallery.

About your Instructor

My name is Cédric Lepiller, I’m a 3D Freelancer in France since 2005. I work in Blender for the modeling and in Maya for other parts (Xgen, render in Redshift, etc.)

I’m a generalist, specialized in character modeling. You can see my work on my Artstation Page.

Software Used

  • Blender

Add-Ons Used

  • Speedflow, Easyref, RMB Pie Menu

Files Included

  • 1 hours 50 minutes of video tutorials
  • Reference picture

Don’t hesitate to tell me if you want more tutorials 😉

You can find Easyref on FlippedNormals – the other add-ons will be added as well.

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