Imogen – Rigged Female Character Base Mesh

Hi there, this is my original stylized character “Imogen” includes

  • blender scene file for rendering in Eevee and rigging generated from Auto-Rig Pro Smart feature. There are 7 poses and an example facial expression.
  • rig tools add-on and for blender (only to ensure the IK snaps and other rig functions).
  • Marmoset Toolbag scene for look development.
  • Marvelous Designer avatar with arrangement points & garment files.
  • ZBrush .ztl file for sculpting. Body retains subdivision levels (1to3. You can even reconstruct it once.).
  • Obj files for compatibility.
  • FBX files for compatibility (Bones are following UE4 naming convention).
  • 2 sample FBX files already triangulated is completely compatible with Unreal Engine 4.
  • Unreal Engine 4.25.4 .uasset files for third person template already retargeted to UE4 skeleton and customized to use RigidBody physics for her hair. It has more than 75 bones, so It’s not suitable for mobile platforms. I can offer another version for an additional fee, please contact me in case you need it.

UV unwrapped and PBR textures for

  • Body (Full) (24,727 verts) 4k normal, albedo, roughness. Recommended. The default for preview images.
  • BodyLow (Full) (6,743 verts) 4k normal, albedo, roughness. In case you need a model that has an extremely low amount of polygons. The costume doesn’t fit.
  • Eyes (2,264 verts) 1k albedo.
  • TeethGumTongue (4,808 verts) 1k albedo, roughness.
  • Ponytail Blonde/Ginger 2colors (17,096 verts) Eyebrow (4,212 verts) Eyelash (230 verts) 2k normal, albedo, alpha, ao.
  • BikiniAccs Zebra/Tiger 2colors (9,919 verts includes back faces) 2k normal, albedo, roughness, metalness.

(Bikini version total 63,256 verts / Bikini BodyLow version total 45,272 verts)

  • Costume A/B (42,415 verts) 2k normal, albedo, roughness, metalness, alpha.

(Costume version total 95,752 verts)

  • Revolver (8,418 verts) 1k normal, albedo, roughness, metalness.


  • If you use blender, just download “”. It contains the native file packed all external data, unpacked version, textures and add-ons. No hassle! “” is also available for blender 2.93 users.
  • rig tools add-on and for blender you can use only to ensure the IK snaps and other rig functions. It doesn’t include Auto-Rig Pro add-on itself. Here is the link to the product It’s a great add-on for blender! Highly recommended! Rig is generated from ARP Smart feature. Although I did my best weight painting, you may need to tweak weight maps to achieve your desired result.
  • Costume is already retopologized, so they are different from those in Marvelous Designer.
  • Revolver is a static object. It’s not included in uasset files. 
  • All my models do not have a genital area.

Let me know if you have any questions or require further assistance. Thanks!

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