Industrial Pipes Asset Pack

Greetings my 3D Friends,

Here we have another extensive and detailed Asset Pack for your consideration

All objects modelled to give a worn, aged look to each section which you can easily build up a complex pipeline system to fit within your project/scene

3 Formats included:




What you will receive in this Pack:

4 Straight Pipes of various lengths

4 Straight Pipes with a short bend

4 Straight Pipes with a long bend

15 Pipes with various configurations

3 Varied end caps

4 Handwheels – Brass, Bronze, Red, Yellow

5 Straight Pipes with Pressure Gauges including directional decals (5 Various types of Gauge)

6 Pipes with shut off valves (3 with directional decals, 3 without)

45 Separate Objects in total

As shown in the rendered images provided you can easily build up a detailed scene simply by duplicating any of these Objects, you can easily route these objects to fit around your scene.

Please see the documentation provided for how to easily aligned each section

Modelled in Blender 2.80 (Compatible with versions 2.80 onwards)

Textured in Substance Painter 2

All Modifiers closed

All Objects named accordingly in the Outliner

Approximate real world scale (but of course you can scale to suit your project)

Scale 1.000 Metric

This pack does not contain any other items shown in my example renders (ie. The Storage Tanks)

2K Resolution Maps / PBR /: Basecolor, Metallic, Roughness & Normal (Height Maps provided if you wish to use them)

2048 x 2048 Maps

Unwrapped – non overlapping UVs

Clean Topology, no loose or double Vertices

The HDRI used in the renders is not included (There are loads of free ones out there, just do a simple Google search)

All Textures are included/packed into the .Blend file, if this is the format you wish to use

All files are zipped into one folder

Once unzipped you will see 4 separate folders containing the following:

Blend File

Obj Files

Fbx file


If you are interested in the Industrial Storage Tanks used in my example renders are available here on Flipped Normals:

The Storage Tanks shown here are just a few of what is included in this package and combined with this Industrial Pipes Asset Pack make a great combination 🙂

If you do decide to purchase this package i wish to thank you in advance

Thank you for your interest!



The following is intended for Blender users, if you are using the Obj/ Fbx formats in another Software consider this a guide:

How To import these models Into Blender/ your Blender Scene:

Unzip “Industrial_Pipes_All_Files.7z”

After you have extracted the file:

1.Open Blender

2.Go to File……..find and open `Industrial_Pipes.blend`

If you are adding (Appending) the Objects to a current scene:

3.Select: Append from the `file` drop down menu

4 Go To your Industrial Pipes Folder Location

5.Open: Industrial_Pipes.blend

6.Select – Object – then simply choose which Object, or Objects you wish to add to your project then choose `append from library` (You can box select all using `B`)

7.They will now appear in your scene 🙂

Cycles Render Engine used for all the rendered images shown

Tested in 2.80 EEVEE

All Textures/Images and associated files are included/packed within the Blender file.

Scale Applied 1.000 (Metric) (Approximate Real World but adjustable!)

Rotation Applied 0.000

It would be best practice to first scale the package as a whole to suit your project requirements

Origin of all Models:

The Origin for each object has been set at one of the outer faces centre vertex, this makes aligning the sections easier as you can set the cursor at this point then simply select in Object mode the piece you wish to attach, use `Selection to cursor`, then simply rotate in the Z axis if required.

The pipes each have 8 bolts which will perfectly align if you rotate in 90,180,270 degrees. As there are 8, you could also rotate at 45 degrees and the bolts will align (Don`t forget to apply rotation after)

All Models are named accordingly in the Outliner

(Please note the HDRI Lighting used in the Images provided is not part of this package……there are plenty of free ones available online)

Of course any of the Objects can be duplicated as many times as you like using SHIFT-D – Multiple Industrial Pipes! (As shown in my renders)

Please note – The stated polycount is for the complete package

Thanks for reading through this, i do hope you find this Asset Pack useful for your own projects!

Any queries please do get in touch

Hope you like my Models 🙂

Thanks for looking!


Associated Information:

It is safe to say that the most important component of infrastructure in the developed world is the vast network of pipes used to transport various gases and liquids. The major uses of pipes are in the transport of water, sewage, steam and petroleum products from their original sources like steam plants, oil and gas wells, refineries, dams to the local distribution centers and then using the smaller more well spread out network of pipes that eventually transport these to the end consumer and points of consumption. There is another term for such pipelines which is “process piping” which refers to the entire systems of pipes that transports fluids like air, steam, water, chemicals, fuel etc. in and around an industrial infrastructure which is working in the production of goods and commodities or generation of power. These pipelines are generally manufactured from steel, copper, alloys or cast iron depending on the environment that they are installed in. Plastic is also being used nowadays and its use is growing in the hydrocarbon based transport lines and sewer systems. Reinforced concrete is also used in very large diameter transmission lines.

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