Intro to 3D Kitbashing for Environment Design

3D kit bashing can be a fantastic creative and concept design technique, but how do you come with the kitbash set in the first place ? And how do you make sure you create a consistent visual language that will be usable when designing larger scale environments?

In this tutorial, I’m introducing afast and effective kitbashing technique allowing to quickly develop a complex set from scratch and jump in the design task in less than 2 hours.

This is part 1 in the series – Part 2 is available here.


  • 1 hour lecture on iterative kit bashing
  • 2 kitbash sets (Stones and rocks)
  • Zbrush scene
  • Keyshot scene
  • 1h30″ bonus video showing the painting process in Photoshop (no audio).
  • 1 PSB file

Main points covered

  • Designing a concept art oriented kit bash set in zbrush
  • Designing an environment using a kitbash set
  • How to sculpt for concept art paintings
  • How to keep a low polycount for large scale scenes design
  • Bonus (no audio): full painting process in photoshop

Software used

  • Zbrush 2018
  • Keyshot 6.3
  • Photoshop CC 2017
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