Introduction to Character Rigging in Maya

If you want to rig a character inside Maya and you have never done it before then you are at the right place. This is Next tut Education’s “Introduction to Character Rigging in Maya” complete tutorial course. A complete guide for you to learn the fundamentals of rigging and Character rigging.


My name is Marijan Tanevski, I am 3D character rigging artist for game and TV projects with nearly a decade of rigging experience, I have provided various rigging work for many projects.


By the end of this course, you will be able to rig a basic character using Maya.

In this course, we will cover

  • Maya Rigging Essential
  • A Practical character rigging project

We`re going to explore the Maya`s rigging section, how to use the Maya`s rigging tools, constraints, and create a character rig from scratch! Through this journey, we`ll learn the Maya starting from the very basics. How objects are structured, how to make connections, what are deformers, and much more!

Once you learn the core essentials of rigging, we will start the character rigging project. Everything will be step by step, real-time and I will not skip anything so that you can easily follow along with the course. I will also give all the exercise files for each lecture video so that you can use those to practice alongside watching the videos.


You need to have Maya basic knowledge in order to start the course. I have designed this tutorial course for beginner students who want to dive in into rigging.


If your experience is at intermediate level, this tutorial course is not recommended for you.

I hope you are exited! Enroll in the course and start with exploring the content from today.

Thanks for your time, see you in chapter one!


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  • The start us well planned but it quicky dissolves into 'Follow the Leader'

    Yeah, I agree with SirDapperPenguin. This tutorial starts of really well slowly explaining the basics of a rig and the tools and logic needed to create one but once you get started its just a bunch of ‘do this, then this, then that” with little to no explanation as to why your doing it! this is frustrating when your trying to learn. If you make a mistake, your basically out of luck. Unfortunately i really wouldn’t suggest this series to beginners past the first two chapters

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  • Starts off good, then flops

    I bought this a few months back and I had time to get around to going through this course. Instead of using the course files of the character provided I wanted to follow along with one of my own characters and rig that for fun, might animate it later. The course starts off nicely, explains everything properly when setting up a rig, how to orient joints, what constrains are which ones are which, how to create controllers, and painting weights after the geo is bound to the joints. But towards the end lots of things are left out that I wish I got to know that would’ve made my rig work. The course didn’t cover how to make a proper heel lift, it just says that you can add one in the last 2 seconds of one of the vids. It then goes into these huge changes at the end so quickly, like its just trying to wrap up as fast as possible, I cant follow along properly and I don’t know why I’m doing these changes (explain why it’s necessary to group up all the constrains plz). Sometimes it cuts to a different scene where different changes were made that weren’t covered. Now I’m stuck with this mess of a rig that doesn’t work right and I’m lost. I did learn what I wanted to do at least.

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