These are the project files that accompany our free Introduction to Compositing in Blender on YouTube.

Download these to follow along. You’re welcome to provide your own rendered images, but we’ve made it as easy as possible to follow along with this little project.

In this full introduction to compositing in Blender, we will take you through everything you need to know to get started.

We cover the most commonly used nodes like the Mix Node, Transform Node, Alpha Over Node as well as the different mask nodes.
Rendering out additional passes such as the Mist Pass and Cryptomatte passes to mask out specific objects in your comp.

We’ll take you through how to get started with grading using the color ramp, RGB curves as well as how to target specific colors using a Hue correct.
You’ll also learn about the different blending modes, when and how to use them. As well as covering the elusive topic of when to Premult your image when working with masks and alpha channels.

Finally we’ll show you how to output your animation sequence from Blender as well as give you tips on how to better organize your comp.


F – connect inputs automatically
Shift + CTRL + LMB = auto connect (to viewer node) (also cycles inputs)
Shift + RMB + Drag = Split node
M = Mute node
Alt + S = Swap nodes
Alt + D = Disconnect node
Shift + P = Add frame to selected

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