Introduction to Decals

Introduction to Decals

Decals are a powerful way of adding detailed textures to your game art with minimal impact on performance. This course will teach you everything you need to know about decals and will cover the complete development of 3 unique decals that can be used in a professional game environment.

Break Up Repetition

One powerful advantage of decals is their ability to very easily break up repeating, tileable assets and materials. Many Environment Artists use modular assets and materials in their work to cut down on unique resources to save performance and space. Decals enable artists to give the illusion of uniqueness to their worlds while operating within a performance-and-time budget.

Flexible Workflow

We will be using Substance Designer to create our decals, as the non-destructive workflow allows us to quickly develop decals and lay them out in an organized, easily accessible way. With a robust node-network, we’re able to quickly iterate and alter the decals to fit our needs better at any stage of the development cycle, allowing us to update each unique decal quickly and painlessly.

Your Instructor

Charlie “Chunck” Trafagander is a Freelance Game Artist, Indie Dev, Tutorial-Maker, and in general a curious mind. Having worked for a few Indie developers, he has been able to touch
most roles in game development, which he also likes to break down in various formats on his YouTube channel “Get Learnt”.

Skill Level

This is a complete introduction to decals, so no prior experience with the topic is required. You do however need a rudimentary understanding of UV mapping, as well as texture creation. You will also need to be familiar with working in Substance Designer and Unreal Engine. Check out our Introduction to Substance Designer.

Software Used

  • Unreal 4.25.4
  • Substance Designer 2019.2.1

Chapter List

1 – What Are Decals
2 – Cracks Height
3 – Cracks Outputs
4 – Pothole Height
5 – Pothole Outputs
6 – Manhole Height
7 – Manhole Outputs
8 – Decal Sheet Layout
9 – Projection Planar Decals
11 – Improving Our Decals – Bonus Chapter (scene files and assets from presentation scene not included)
12 – Building A Scene Around Our Decals – Bonus Chapter (scene files and assets from presentation scene not included)

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