Introduction to Sculpting in Blender

Learn how to sculpt in Blender with our easy-to-follow course, taking you through everything you need to know! You’ll learn how to use the different sculpting tools in Blender, such as dyntopo and remeshing – as well as sculpting techniques like understanding how to create appealing  shapes and characters.

Learn the Sculpting Tools

You’ll be sure to learn all the sculpting tools you need to sculpt in Blender. We cover what brushes to use, how to work with dyntopo, the multires modifier, remeshing, matcaps, masking, face sets and much more! We believe in keeping it simple, teaching you only what you need to know, making sure everything you learn is useful.

Sculpting Suzanne

Once you’re familiar with the tools and the sculpting techniques, we’ll be sculpting up Suzanne the Monkey from start to finish, leaving you with a fun and great sculpt. We’ll use everything you’ve learnt so far, like understanding mid-frequency, what brushes to use and how to make appealing shapes and put them to the test.

Taught by Veteran Sculptor

Your instructor, Henning Sanden – Co-Founder of FlippedNormals, has been sculpting for 15 years. In his professional career, he’s sculpted hero characters for movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Batman V Superman, Pacific Rim Uprising, and Alien Covenant, to name a few.  He’s also held masterclasses and taught sculpting at some of the top European Art Universities.


Skill Level

Introduction to Sculpting in Blender is perfect for artists who have a basic understanding of Blender and who are new to sculpting. No experience with digital sculpting is necessary!


  • We highly recommend that you use a tablet.

Software Used

  • Blender 2.92

Chapter List

01 – What Is Digital Sculpting?
02 – Should You Use A Tablet
03 – Sculpting Interface Overview
04 – Matcaps and Lighting
05 – Brushes
06 – Dyntopo
07 – Multires
08 – Remesh
09 – Working With Multiple Objects
10 – Masking
11 – Face Sets
12 – Remeshing Vs Dyntopo Vs Multires
13 – ZBrush Vs Blender
14 – Sculpting Technique
15 – Starting Your Sculpts
16 – Sculpting Workflow
17 – Midfrequency
18 – Alphas High Freq
19 – Head Exercise
20 – Observation & Reference
21 – Stroke Quality
22 – Suzanne Sculpting 01
23 – Suzanne Sculpting 02
24 – Suzanne Sculpting 03
25 – Suzanne Sculpting 04
26 – Suzanne Sculpting 05
27 – Bonus: How To Improve After This Course

More training

Once you know the basics of sculpting in Blender, we recommend that you continue your sculpting journey with ZBrush tutorials and resources. Nearly everything translates perfectly to Blender when it comes to sculpting techniques. There are far more high-quality ZBrush sculpting tutorials compared to Blender sculpting tutorials.


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  • Great Introduction to Sculpting in Blender

    Great introduction to sculpting in Blender for those of us who don’t have access to ZBrush! (Linux user here) As someone with zero prior artistic background, sculpting has always been the most intimidating part of 3D modeling for me, as it depends almost entirely on one’s art fundamentals. Which is why I think this course is great, as Henning doesn’t just teach the sculpting tools and hotkeys in Blender, but also goes through the basic principles and workflows in sculpting to create a appealing sculpt.

    Highly recommend the course for anyone looking to start learning sculpting in Blender.

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  • Excellent Course

    This is, without a doubt, the best introduction and guide on sculpting in Blender. The thing that makes this course is that Henning covers the technique and art of sculpting, not just the tools. He teaches fundamentals that really will have an impact on the way you go about sculpting. Another really neat part is that all the videos are real-time, so you can easily follow along while he explains what he is doing. I really enjoyed it and I highly recommend.

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  • Fantastic series of videos

    I recommend this to anyone that wants to get into 3D sculpting with Blender. Henning does a fine job explaining the basics of not only the tools, but the actual craft of sculpting. His experience and knowledge of industry techniques and standards is translated very well into this tool.
    Money well spent.

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