Industry Standard

Substance Painter is the industry standard texturing tool in Games and it’s quickly taking over the rest of the market. Stay ahead of the curve and get into Substance Painter now. Learn more about Substance Painter here.

Easy to Follow

Mike Hermes is renowned for his incredible laid-back and efficient way of teaching. By the time you’re done with Introduction to Substance Painter, you’ll be ready for any challenge that might be thrown at you.

Start to Finish

Learn all the essentials in Substance Painter – before moving onto texturing a detailed hard surface asset. The workflow taught can be used for all kinds of assets you should come across.

What You’ll Learn

In this Introduction to Substance, you’ll get two hours of quality content where you’ll be able to start texture painting in Substance Painter right away. We are covering the user interface, how to create ID masks, using the painting tools, Smart Materials, Stencils and Alphas, among many other topics.

We are also supplying you with the model used in Introduction to Substance, so you can easily follow along with the tutorial and create something amazing for yourself!

You’re more than welcome to share your cool results online! Introduction to Substance starts off with going through all the basics you need to operate the software. We then move on to showing you how to paint your textures, before finalizing the project by rendering it all using Iray within Substance Painter.

Your Instructor

Mike Hermes is a freelance 3D artist, photographer and professional YouTuber

He has been creating tutorials online for years on his YouTube channels.
As a digital artist he covers all elements of 3D art, from modeling, UVing and texturing to lighting, rigging and animation.

In addition as a business owner he supports companies as a consultant when in need of transitioning into a 3D workflow.

Software Used

Substance Painter 2.6.0

Files Included

Final Substance Painter Project File
Helmet Models
Training Videos

Chapter List

00 – Introduction
01 – User Interface
02 – ID Masks For Your Model
03 – Masks Generators Polygon fill
04 – prepping Your Model
05 – Importing Into Substance Painter
06 – Texturing In Substance Painter
07 – Stencils and Alphas
08 – Exporting Your Textures
09 – Rendering Your Model In Substance Painter

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