Jungle Mud | Substance Designer Tutorial

Learn how to I created this Jungle Mud material from my Signature Series collaboration with Allegorithmic.

Use this tutorial as a guide for how to build my Jungle Mud from scratch.

This tutorial follows a walkthrough format, where I go through how I built each of the components in the graph including:

  • Shapes (macro and micro)
  • Twigs
  • Grass
  • Mud
  • AO, Diffuse, and Roughness
  • Water parameters

Skill Level

  • Intermediate Level – you should be familiar with the basic nodes and workflows in Substance Designer.


  • 40 minutes walkthrough covering the entire graph from start to finish.
  • 1080 Resolution
  • Non-directional warp node (credit to Evan Liaw and Bradford Smith) and my simple preview node are included


Personal and Commercial Licenses are available. Personal licenses do NOT apply to companies.

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