Komodo Dragon Skeleton 3D Print Model

This is mi Komodo Dragon Skeleton Kit,(Varanus komodoensis).

This higly detailed and accurate Skeleton model is ideal for educative purposes, and/or other areas.

The total Length of the skeleton model with all the parts 3d Printed and assembled together is 609,6 millimeters,(60,96 Centimeters, or 2 Feets). Komodo Dragons length is, in average from 2 to 3 meters.So,the scale of this model is 1:5.


If you experience some problem with the model, or have some sugerences for enhance the model, don’t hesitate to contact me. Your feedback help me to make better digital sculptures.

All the bones are prepared and modeled with an internal channel to able to assemble the bones in place introducing an metallic wire on it,(diameter of the channel 2 millimeters).

All the bones parts where prepared to be 3D printed in Strong and flexible plastics, and have passed all the tests for those materials in Shapeways.

The model come in several stl files separated:

-Komodo Head and Neck links:

-Komodo Hips:

-Komodo Left Leg Back:

-Komodo Left Foot Back:

-Komodo Left Foot Fron:

-Komodo Left Leg Front:

-Komodo Rigth Foot BAck:

-Komodo Rigth Foot Front:

-Komodo Rigth Leg Back:

-Komodo Rigth Leg Front:

-Komodo Spine Ribs:

-Komodo Sternon and Scapulas:

-Komodo Spine tail links,(from front to back): -Komodo Spine tail 1: -Komodo Spine Tail 2: -Komodo Spine Tail 3: -Komodo Spine Tail 4.


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