KS Node Outliner for Maya

This Outliner for Maya allows you to more easily organize your scene with easier access to Maya’s built-in filters, and a filter-builder to make your own advanced custom filters.

Selection Filters – See shaders, textures and more, only relevant to the model you’re working on.

Script Filters – Custom Python-filters allow for more complex filters. Filter based object attributes, or only show a list of geometry with NGons in them.

Free Trial

A free unrestricted Trial version is available on the author’s website: www.kimstrandli.com/ksnodeoutliner
Please purchase to support the development if you enjoy the tool.


The product is for a single user only. For studios with multiple users, please contact for bulk discounts.


Copy the “ks_nodeOutliner” folder into a directory where Maya can access scripts and python plugins.
Example – Windows: C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\maya\2019\scripts

Then run the following Python command inside Maya:
from ks_nodeOutliner import ksNodeOutliner

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