KS Save Tools Bundle

Improve your saving habits, and prevent lost work!

The Save Increment tool allows you to save a new version with a single hotkey click, with an optional notation.
It allows you develop good saving habits, without interrupting your flow with tedious folder navigation and filename typing. For team environments, it will automatically add or replace usernames in the filename, to keep track of who worked on what files.
The Save Timer counts minutes of work since you last saved, and warn you with a gentle flash after a certain amount of time has passed. It detects inactivity, so it only counts minutes you’re interacting with the the application.
The Time Tracker shows the time spent on each file saved, so you can easily see how long you’ve worked on projects or assets. Especially useful for freelancers.

Combined they make it easier and faster to have good saving habits, and prevent loss of work.

This bundle contains the two plugins “KS_SaveTimer” and “KS_SaveIncrement” for Maya and Nuke. (Also available sold separately).


Tested with:
Autodesk Maya: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
Foundry Nuke: v10.5, v11.3, v12.2
(KS_SaveIncrement not compatible with Nuke v12.1 due to API bug.)


The product is for a single user only. For studios with multiple users, please contact for bulk discounts.


Before you purchase, please read the EULA (End User License Agreement).
By purchasing, downloading and using this product, you are bound by the terms of this agreement.
EULA – KS_SaveTimer
EULA – KS_SaveIncrement
Feedback/Suggestions/Issues can be sent to my email: kimstrandli(at)gmail.com

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