Lady Vamp – Game Ready

Technical details
Polycount: faces 34286, tris 64311, verts 36219
Rigged with Epic Skeleton. Additional bones are included in the breast and hair. You can add physics simulation to them if you want to.
18 Blendshapes (Morph Target). You can see them in the video preview.
PBR Textures Metall/Roughness
Textures – normal, metallic, roughness, albedo, AO, opacity, emissive
Resolutions: 4096×4096 – Head, Body, Clothes01, Clothes02. 2048×2048 – Eyes, Hair, Lashes. 512×512 – Teeth
8 Texture sets – Body, Head, Clothes01, Clothes02, Hair, Teeth, Eyes, Lashes
Hair has 2 Color Variations – Dark and Blonde. Blonde hair color can be easily changed in any other.
Eyes have 2 Color Variations – Red and Yellow. Eyes are glowing in the dark (Emissive map).
The mouth is detailed – it contains Vampire Fangs and Tongue. It can be opened with Blendshapes.
The model is completely modular, you can remove or add any part you want. Hair, Skirt, Corset, Socks, Jacket, Shoes, Leg Accessories, and Body are separated.
Full body is included under the clothes.
Render in Marmoset, the scene is included.
2 FBX. and OBJ. versions Full clothes and Nude. You can add or remove any part.
File formats
Archive includes:
  • obj. and fbx.
  • all textures (png. and tga. mix)
  • renders in high resolution
  • Maya scene (2019)
  • Unity project (v2018.4.27+)
  • UE4 project (v4.18+) (rigged with Epic Skeleton!)
  • Marmoset scene (v3.8)
If you have any questions feel free to write me here or on my e-mail [email protected]
Thank you for your time!

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