Large Game Environment Creation – In-depth Tutorial Course [UE5]

Large Game Environment Creation – In-Depth Tutorial Course [UE5]

Learn how a professional environment artist works when creating large environments for games. You’ll learn techniques like Modular Modeling, Procedural Texturing, High to low poly modeling, Sculpting, Composition, Level Art, Lighting – and much more!

*Environment based on the concept art from Luis Medina*


All the modeling will be done in Maya, However, the techniques used are universal and can be replicated in any other 3d modeling package. Sculpting will be done using Zbrush and the materials will be created using Substance Designer and previewed in marmoset toolbag 4. The environment will be built in the brand-new Unreal Engine 5 and the lighting will use the new Lumen system. Next to this, we will also use Substance Painter to generate masks.

In this course, you will learn everything you need to know to create the final results that you see in the images and trailers. Next to this, the same techniques can be applied to almost any type of environment.

32.5 HOURS!

This course contains over 32.5 hours of content – You can follow along with every single step – The course does enclose a few small-time lapses, this is just to speed up very repetitive tasks, the rest is done in real-time. However, due to popular requests, we have also included the un-time lapsed footage without audio.

We will start by going over our reference and planning and then continue to create a blockout version of our environment. We will be using modular modeling techniques to create all the pieces and later on take them to final.
We will also be using Zbrush to sculpt more detailed pieces like the pillars. We will set up all these pieces in UE5 and already build our environment. Then we will move on to create our procedural materials.
Once those are done, we will do the UV-Unwrapping of our models and apply our materials.
We will then export everything to UE5, set up our materials and shaders, and get started with the composition, lighting, and general improvement of our environment.
We will leave the course off with general polishing and also adding some megascans statues to push the quality even more.


This game art tutorial is perfect for students who have some familiarity with a 3d Modeling tool like Maya, Substance Designer/Painter, Zbrush, and Unreal Engine – Everything in this tutorial will be explained in detail. However, if you have never touched any modeling or texturing tools before we recommend that you first watch an introduction tutorial of those programs (you can find many of these for free on YouTube or paid on this very website)


  • Maya 2022
  • Substance 3D Designer and Substance 3D Painter
  • Zbrush 2021
  • Unreal Engine 5
  • Marmoset Toolbag 4


Emiel Sleegers is a senior environment artist currently working in the AAA Game Industry. He’s worked on games like The Division 2 + DLC at Ubisoft, Forza Horizon 3 at Playground Games, and as a Freelancer on multiple projects as an Environment Artist and Material Artist.


There’s a total of 90 videos split into easy-to-digest chapters.
All the videos will have logical naming and are numbered to make it easy to find exactly the ones you want to follow.

*All videos come in 1080p with clean audio. please see the trailer for a general idea of the audio and video quality*
*All source files are included with this course*

Subtitles are offered for this tutorial in English, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese.
Please note the subtitles are auto-generated and might not always be 100% accurate.

We have added a bonus chapter to this course where you will learn how to add improved lighting to this environment with EA Lighting Director Tilmann Milde


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  • Awesome tutorial!

    Course is very well laid out! Step by step, with in depth explanations on his thought process. Highly recommend if you are trying to step up your environment creation!

    Will definitely be looking into other tutorials by fasttrack!

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  • Great process showing full Pipeline!!

    I think all of your videos are great and very well constructed. I like that you show a step by step process, and you leave in any mistakes so that people can see that even professionals can have problems.

    On a side note, if you are unsure, you can hold V to snap to Vertices, X to Grid, and C to edge/curve. You can also “Align” snap to other surfaces using the manipulator Move handles holding V. Maybe you are unsure in Maya since you are usually a max user. I am a pretty precise and retentive modeler, so I keep making sure things are always snapped and centered rather than eyeballing.

    Anyway, Awesome stuff as always!

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