Leaf/foliage Generator – Substance Designer

Leaf/Foliage Generator – Substance Designer

The generator allows you to create the following leaf types:

  • Single Strands “Birch leaves,Willow Leaves,Alder Leaves, etc”
  • Pinnate & double pinnate compound Leaves “Green Ash leaves,Oak leaves,Honey Locust Leaves, etc”
  • Palmate compound leaves “Ivy leaves,Maple leaves,Chestnut leaves, etc”
  • Radial Compound Leaves “Clovers”

The exposed parameters also allow you to adjust the venation,margin types and shapes and the age,damage amount easily and I’ve use the generator to make over a dozen presets for a distinct species.

The following presets are included in the substance files:

  • Birch Leaf.
  • Ivy Leaf.
  • Whie Oak Leaf.
  • Red Oak Leaf.
  • Maple Leaf.
  • Willow Leaf.
  • Ginkgo Leaf.
  • Bamboo Leaf.
  • Green Ash Leaf.
  • Honey Locust Leaf.
  • Alder Leaf.
  • Anglepod Leaf.
  • Clover Leaf.


-Added two parameters “Leaf Vertical Offset” and “Leaf Position Alternation” that allows for alternating the leaves and sliding them vertically


  •  SBS and SBSAR fils,The graph is organized and framed.
  • 30 different 2048×2048 TGA Texture maps. “Can be downloaded separately”
  • Marmoset Scene.


  • Substance Designer 2018.3.3

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