Leaking Generator – Commercial License

Leaking Generator – Commercial License

A small Generator for adding leaking parts into your Substances with many different options to customize it and add your own custom input maps if some methods have to less possibilities. Parameters: (Amount, Details, Grunge Masks, Warp, Slope Blur etc.)


  • Leaking Generator (SBS/SBSAR)
  • MS Shape Leaking Generator (SBS/SBSAR)
  • Maya Trimsheet Demofile (SBS)

Some Parameters can slow it down a bit cause it includes some Grunge and BNW Maps

You have the rights to make use of the purchased product for personal, educational, or commercial purposes as long as those purposes do not violate any of the following:

You may not resell, redistribute, or repackage the purchased product without explicit permission from me.

If you have any question/feedback/input/bugreport, let me know and i will look how i can further improve it. If you want to stay up to date for further projects/products follow me on ArtStation – Martin Schmitter

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