Learn Substance Painter: Beginner to Advance

Learn Substance Painter Beginner to Advance

In this course you will gain a fundamental understanding in texturing 3D characters for all levels, and to do this we will be utilizing the popular texturing software Substance Painter 2021.

To that end, we will be suppling you a starter model for beginners, and as you progress later a full Cyberpunk Character model, yours to learn and practice texturing with.

For the first timer users we do have a optional beginner level section for all to participate to go over all the basic of substance painter along with a beginner level model for you to work with to learn the software.

We’ll Go over:

– Basics of Substance Painter and its UI

– Texturing 3D objects and Characters

– Learn to create your own fun custom fabric material to be reused as you see fit

– Going over the basics of Fill Layer Texturing vs Paint Layers

– Understanding Smart Materials vs Materials through your workflow of texturing.

– Comprehending the importance of Masks Vs Geometry Masks

– Learn Emissive Effects

– Understanding Opacity for both glass and hair.

– Going over a easy yet effective skin templates from scratch

– Expediting our workflow by re using our created materials across different UV maps

– Demonstration in how we prepare our model with UVing for context and understanding the 3D texturing workflow

In addition to this we demonstrate how we prepare our models by demonstrating how we UV and export out for Substance Painter using Maya so context of the production workflow in 3D texturing can be better understood. As well as demonstrations of our techniques in creating our hair textures in zbrush.

This course is a continuing  series of courses dedicated assisting those with an interested in learning and practicing new texturing techniques through this powerful texturing software.

By the end of this course I am confidant you will have a strong foundation of understanding in 3D texturing for characters as well as a solid understanding of Substance Painter itself.

Who This Course is for:

  • This Course is for all levels of 3D artist interested in learning Substance Painter and its texturing Techniques for 3D assets for gaming, and rendering.
  • Anyone who wishes to further practice existing 3D texturing techniques in character texturing for either games or cinematic with the supplied 3D Sci-Fi character model.
  • Anyone aspiring to break into the gaming industry who wishes to be equipped with the latest in 3D game art texturing techniques.

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