Lego Minifigure 3D Model + PBR Textures

LEGO Minifigure 3D Model + PBR Textures

A “film quality” 3D model of a LEGO Minifigure with UV and PBR Textures.

Accurately modeled from various precise photo-references. It has a clean and detailed topology allowing subdivision workflows, as well as high quality 4K textures.

3D Model :

  • Clean Topology – “Production ready” model with SUBD topology
  • All Inside Parts
  • Accurately Detailed – can be use for strong close up
  • UV – 11 UDIM and a second UV set matching
  • Displacement Texture Map – containing details like Lego studs, text and construction lines
  • 37 978 quads / 75 688 tris
  • Edge Damage “high res” model variant

Textures (bonus) :
“Emmet” from The Lego Movie set of 4K PBR Textures

  • Color 4K (11 UDIM)
  • Bump 4K (11 UDIM)
  • Roughness 4K (11 UDIM)
  • Metalness 4K (11 UDIM)
  • sss MASK 4K (11 UDIM)
  • paint ID 4K (11 UDIM)

The model is available in .abc.obj or .fbx
The textures are in .tif, and available for both ACEScg and sRGB workflow

These model and textures are the result of a detailed lookdev study spanned during few months.  Analyzing references, material and lighting to match as much as possible the real world version of this LEGO Minifigure.
The full process is documented into 5 blog posts in which I go in details about the process, share tips and tricks as well as some thoughts along the way :

– Part 01 Modeling
– Part 02 On-Set
– Part 03 CG Studio Environment
– Part 04 UV and Texturing
– Part 05 Lookdev, Detailing and Finaling

You can fully read it for free !

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