Lightning / Electricity VFX Pack [UE4 – NIAGARA]

Compatible from version UE4 4.25 onwards

The turnkey examples include lasers, projectiles, explosions, electric arcs interacting with the environment, storms, and effects bouncing from target to target. However, you will be able to create your own VFX using the numerous emitters offered. If you are new to Niagara: All blueprints are included (+Tutorials).





BONUS : A map with all effects reworked to be optimized for VR (Currently, you will need to disable Instanced Stereo).

Works on mobiles : Use VR effects for better performance.

Effects :

  • Discharge between 2 points
  • Electric arcs, Laser
  • Storm
  • Projectile
  • Explosion
  • Transmission
  • Static Mesh (2 versions)
  • Skeletal Mesh (2 versions)
  • permanent arc
  • Electric aura
  • Shields (spherical or customizable)
  • Tornado
  • Decal – select
  • Lightning trail
  • Material function.


  • The effects are fully configurable (color, intensity, thickness, distortion, style etc.)
  • Static Mesh : You only need to add the effect to the component (and adjust parameters)
  • The effects can very easily be adapted to your own projects.
  • The effects can be adapted to realistic or stylized projects (Use the parameters and the VR assets to accentuate the stylized aspect).

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