Lion Anatomy Tool for Artists

Everything is prepared for easy exploration. Each muscle or muscle group is properly named (96 meshes). It’s easy to find muscles and hide them.

The texture has more elements names written on it.

I recommend useing this model along with other sources – such as anatomy tutorials and books. You can also use human anatomy resources as well and compare it with feline anatomy.


  • ZTL file with detailed mesh.(zbrush 2018 version)
  •  *.MA and *.FBX files with middlepoly mesh. Topology is zremesher + hand edited. UV is auto + hand edited.
  • 13 sets of Textures 4k
  • Marmoset scene with the same obects middlepoly and textrues.
  • Substance painter scene

The eye texture resolution is downgraded. You can buy the full version from Jerod Bogh’s Gumroad page.

Sources Used


  • Eliot Goldfinger – Animal Anatomy for Artists – The Elements of Form
  • Wilhelm Ellenberger – AnimalAnatomyForArtists-atlas


  • Wilhelm Tank – Anatomy of Animals for Artists
  • Eliot Goldfinger – Human Anatomy For Artists


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  • I wanted to make a cat... but made a dog... and then a frog...

    I’ve been having a good time using a variety of human base meshes to create bipedal characters, so figured maybe a 4 legged base mesh could allow for some creative new directions. This base mesh is ridiculously detailed, with more muscle subtools than I could ever even imagine being inside an animal. This provides a great foundation for building animal models on top of a realistic foundation.

    I first tried to create a fluffy cat, and quickly realized the limitations there would be creating realistic fur, so I switched my focus over to a more muscular dog, and that dog looked vicious. I then wanted to see what would happened if I kept deforming it, using Dynamesh to keep the resolution at the level I wanted to work with, and before I knew it, my angry dog, turned into a frog, and the frog looked like it could easily turn into a gorilla if I would have kept working with it. The point being… This isn’t just a “cat base”. This is a fantastic base mesh, that can be used to create an endless supply of quadrupeds. Anything from cute to vicious, realistic to sci-fi, cat to dog to frog to gorillas… That’s the mark of a great base mesh in my opinion. It’s not ONLY useful for one specific “character”, but it’s a starting point that can easily be pushed in an infinite number of directions, all with amazing results. I’m definitely happy with this 5-star purchase, and I’m looking forward to seeing what else I can come up with once I’ve spent some more time getting familiar with all the parts of a cat’s skeletal & muscular system.

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