Lion Anatomy

Lion Anatomy

Designed purrrrrrr big cats lovers.
I used this model to set up this concept:

what’s inside?
. x1 Lioness body anatomy, with 3 subdivision levels.
. x1 Lioness skeleton, with separate polygroups.
. x1 skeleton + attached muscle groups with separate polygroups.
. x1 Blender scene, a gift of 3 lioness poses, not rigged, and 2 camera sets. The Rocks in the scene come from the Megascan library, link in the end of the description.

how can I open the file?

how can I use it?
* if you’re a 2D artist and you want to make anatomy practice, it’s a big help for gesture drawing as well.
* if you’re a painter and you want to dig deeper into the lighting and volumes world.
* if you’re a concept artist and you need a 360° model that you can use as a reference for your monsters and creatures ideas. VR as well.
* if you want to approach creature anatomy as a 3D modeler.
* if you’re a texture artist and you want to open UV maps better than me (you can surely do it better I have no doubts about it) and bring this model to life for your portfolio or your personal studies.
* if you’re a grooming artist.
* if you simply need a lion base.

Hope you enjoy,

– rocks in the render by quixel megascan –

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