Mad Pony Pie Menu

Mad Pony Pie Menu

Pie menus are a great way to speed up your workflow and relieve some of your assigned keys on your keyboard and/or pen tablet. This plugin will gives your Zbrush interface pie menu functionality.

Several versions have been released and you can use V.1.4 in conjunction with version V.2.0, for a better understanding of the plugins and it’s versions please watch the videos int the playlist bellow.

All released versions videos

Windows Install – Drag and drop the ZStartup folder click “copy and replace”

Mac Install – Drag and drop the ZStartup folder click “merge”

VERSION 2.1 : The reported bug for Mac users where the pie popup took a few seconds to display is now fixed

VERSION 2.2 : Feedback is now on by default and displayed in the note bar. This made it possible to remove the settings tab all together.
Improvements made to diagonal selections.

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