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This plugin features a few handy tools for ZBrush.

  • Grid Snap
  • Subdivision with 4 different algorithms
  • Nudge
  • Sharpen
  • Thickness
  • A/B Undos
  • Split Keep Edge
  • Project to All

and more…

V.1.1 Released

In this version of the Mad Pony Toolbag new functionality has been added to the Positioning tab as well as a new settings tab has been introduced.

– Grid Snap

– Grid Scale

– Edge Snap

– Edge Scale

– View Zoom

– Rotation Nudge

and more…

In depth video V.1.1:


Fixed a bug where settings would not stay persistent.


Bug fix on switches that needed to be pressed twice


Added a new tab “User Interface” with a button “Toggle All”

Any more future developments concerning UI will be placed in this new tab.

The new “Toggle All” button is similar to my “Toggle All Macro” with more code refinements that take into account the current state of your UI.

The toggle all macro simply Shows/Hides the UI menus, floating menus and trays while the new “Toggle All” button takes into account which¬†menus, floating menus and trays are visible before hiding them so that when you bring everything back, only the previously visible items will be back.

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