Mad Pony Toolbag

This plugin features a few handy tools for ZBrush.

Version 1.3

What’s new:


Copy/Paste PolyGroups – Instruction Video:

## Main Features ##

Version 1.0

  • Grid Snap
  • Subdivision with 4 different algorithms
  • Nudge
  • Sharpen
  • Thickness
  • A/B Undos
  • Split Keep Edge
  • Project to All

Version 1.1 Features

In this version of the Mad Pony Toolbag new functionality has been added to the Positioning tab as well as a new settings tab has been introduced.

  • Grid Snap
  • Grid Scale
  • Edge Snap
  • Edge Scale
  • View Zoom
  • Rotation Nudge

Version 1.3

– Rotate zoom and position your canvas view with precision controls

– Add, delete, rotate, position and align ZSpheres with precision controls

– Create curves from ZSpheres

– Retopologize or create new geometry with ZSpheres

– 16 custom views with previous and next buttons

(can be saved for later use in other projects)

## Updates ##


Fixed a bug where settings would not stay persistent.


Bug fix on switches that needed to be pressed twice


Added a new tab “User Interface” with a button “Toggle All”

Any more future developments concerning UI will be placed in this new tab.

The new “Toggle All” button is similar to my “Toggle All Macro” with more code refinements that take into account the current state of your UI.

The toggle all macro simply Shows/Hides the UI menus, floating menus and trays while the new “Toggle All” button takes into account which menus, floating menus and trays are visible before hiding them so that when you bring everything back, only the previously visible items will be back.


– In the Geometry Tab, a ZRemesh button and slider were added for easy ZRemeshing, 2 new buttons for easy retopology ‘Edit Topology’ & ‘New Topology’ using ZSpheres, ‘ZSphere to Curve’ & ‘ZSphere to Geo’ to create curves and geometry from ZSpheres and the thickness slider now allows for both positive and negative thickness and has more range

– When selecting a view, “View All Grids” is no longer automatically set

– When you now select a zoom amount in the ‘Positioning>Views’ tab, if a view is selected, it will be automatically triggered.

– Scene Focus switch added to the ‘Positioning>Views’ tab

– New ‘Custom Views’ tab added to the ‘Positioning>Views’ tab with 16 Custom views

– The alignment system in the ‘Positioning>Align’ tab has been reworked and it is now view dependant

– 2 Buttons added to the ‘Positioning>Align’ tab. ‘SubTool’ (Previous SubTool alignment functionality) ‘ZSphere’ (New mode for aligning ZSpheres)

– 2 New tabs added to the ‘Positioning>Nudge & Snap’ tab for better organisation

Transformation Type – The transformation types

Positioning & Scale – The transformation controls for positioning, scale, snap and zoom

– New ‘View Nudge’ mode introduced in the ‘Positioning>Nudge & Snap>Transformation Type’ tab that allows for controlling the viewport positioning, zoom and rotation

– New ‘ZSpheres’ mode introduced in the ‘Positioning>Nudge & Snap>Transformation Type’ tab that allows for snapping ZSpheres to the grid as well as moving, creating, scaling ZSpheres by grid units and rotating all children of a ZSphere by set degrees.

This new mode respects masking and X,Y,Z symmetry

– There is now a new button available for the ‘Tool Scale’ and ‘Tool Nudge’ modes that sets the scale of the selected/visible/all subTool/s to the same scale of the nudge driver

– The rotation system has also been reworked and is also view dependant, making it easier to rotate

– You can now rotate SubTools using the ‘nudge driver’ as the pivot.

The ‘Grid Centre Rotation’ switch was replaced with ‘Local’, ‘Grid’ and ‘Driver’ switches

– The ‘User Interface’ tab was renamed to ‘Miscellaneous’

– Toggle All button was replaced with a switch in the ‘Miscellaneous’ tab by the same name

– Anti aliasing switch added to the ‘Miscellaneous’ tab


– Edit topology now keeps your undo history

– 2 new buttons added to the ‘Geometry’ tab

‘Copy Groups’  – Copies the selected SubTool’s ‘PolyGroup’ and ‘PolyPaint’ information.

‘Paste Groups’ – Projects copied ‘PolyGroup’ and ‘PolyPaint’ information to the selected SubTool.

Instruction Video:


– The ‘Transformation Type’ ZSpheres no longer has the ‘Switch to manual’ button as the Internal Error bug has been fixed
– Thickness now has a new slider ‘Direction’ to allow for neutral, positive and negative directionality
– ZSpheres to Geo uses a different method for creating geometry in between ZSpheres (Please watch the updated ‘Geometry – ZSpheres’ video for more)
– The Transformation Type ‘Grid Scale’ now has controls to set X,Y and Z scale combined
– New button added to ‘Geometry > ZSpheres’ named ‘Change ZSphere Parent’ that allows parenting ZSpheres
– New button added to ‘Geometry’ named ‘Clear BackFaceMask’. This button clears any masking applied to polygons facing the back of the model.


– Fixed an error on loading settings

– New buttons added to ‘Tool Scale’ and ‘Grid Scale’ to allow for up/down and left/right simultaneous scaling.


 – Fixed several error on the ZSpheres Transformation Mode

– Introduced new ‘Arc Mode’ to ZSphere Transformation Mode

– Changed the ‘Sharpen Mode’ behaviour in the Geometry Tab (Simply follow the note bar instructions!)


– Fixed a bug that would turn off Symmetry after using the Divide button
– Added 4 new buttons to the geometry tab to increase PolyGroup functionality
[These functions use the PolygoupIt ZPlugin]– Groups by Cavity (Uses Mask by Cavity optimal settings, turns the mask into paint and PolygroupIt)
– Mask Cavity (Uses Mask by Cavity optimal settings)
– Groups by Mask (Turns a mask into paint and PolygroupIt)
– Clear Paint (Clears the generated paint)
– When using the “Preview” switch while editing or creating new topology, you will no longer
be in solo mode but in Transparency mode instead.


– Fixed a few bugs on the “New Topology” function
– Added a new button “Smooth Normals” and a new Switch “Smooth N.” to the Miscellaneous Tab
That allow for previewing smoothed normals within ZBrush

V.2.0 (Beta)

– Plugin ported to ZBrush 2020 (Works in ZBrush 2020 but we still looking for any bugs that might popup)


 – Fixed and error thrown when using the Toggle All Button

– Added 2 new buttons to the Miscellaneous Tab for ease of selecting ZTools

   – Prev ZTool and Next ZTool. These 2 buttons allow for an easy way to cycle trough your created ZTools. They ignore ZBrush default ZTools and only select your created PolyMeshe3D.

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