Maewenn – Full Rig + 4 Skins

Maewenn – Full Rig + 4 Skins

The model comes in 3 versions:

– One FBX with skeleton+skin+one anim sample

– One FBX without skeleton (so you can import it in maya/3dsmax/blender…etc and rig/skin it yourself)

– One AKT file containing the skinned and rigged FBX, with an animation sample so you can have a first idea on how to animate this character (feel free to erase/rework them and/or add new ones ;)).

This file works with Akeytsu 2020-1-3 and above, you can get the software here: .

The FBX is made to be used in realtime game engines and uses custom vertices normals (supported on most 3D softwares)

This character is made to work best with Akeytsu, and to serve as a heavy learning support for animators 😉



Textures consists in 1 4K UVset (character) and additionnal UVSets for each weapon (so you can decide if you call them in memory or not, depending on your own needs =)), all maps uses combined map channels to reduce drawcalls (better performances).

C1 maps combines : Red=Metalness ; Green=Roughness ; Blue=AO.

C3 maps combines : Red=Cavity ; Green=Nothing ; Blue=Specular Intensity

For the global Emissive use the “E” map. Depending on the variant needs per skin I’ve used a colored emissive on the character while keeping it Black & White on weapons

The Alpha channel of each “BaseColor” maps of the character stores little alpha masks for the tip of the hairstrands, in Marmoset you can use the “Dither opacity method” which gives nice results once rendered =))

Important note about how to setup “sRGB” tick on each texture :
– Textures with these namings SHOULD NOT be in sRGB (unticked) : _N ; _C1 ; _C3
– Textures with these namings SHOULD be in sRGB (ticked) : _Base ; _E, (and VFX gradients of course)

You can have an overview of the rig functionalities here

Since the rig logic has been carefully established, I encourage you to study it as much as you can in order to make the most benefit of it, once you get it, almost all manipulations gets super simple and quite logic to use, but do not hesitate to reach me out if you’re unsure of what to do to achieve a specific pose (reasonably of course ;))

Textures were made on 3D-Coat using this pack:

Have fun on Akeytsu !

Release notes about 1.3 :

– Added new character “Arcanum Skull” with its own rig branch starting right from Maewenn’s root (+ its associated stylized PBR texture files)
– Added new character “Little Fairy”  with its own rig branch starting right from Maewenn’s root (+ its associated stylized PBR texture files. You can use the greyscale texture to create various versions of the fairy, blue, orange, green, purple, white…you choose !)
– Added 3 walks variants that works best with some skins (the skull+claymore one looks better with the BloodLady skin for example)
– Refined a few parts of the skinning
– Refined some orients on the face rig to make it more convenient to use
– Refined texture sets of each skins, and more especially the “BloodLady” one with much finer details on leather surfaces. Each skin colorsheme has been slightly adjusted, and they’ve got more dedicated details to differentiate each of them
– Reworked the embed texture to make Maewenn looks more vibrant in Akeytsu
– Adjusted framerate on exported FBX (reduced at 30fps instead of 144fps, the Akeytsu file stays at 144fps for more visual comfort on high framerate screens)

Release notes about 1.41 :

– Fixed akeytsu file opening issue

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