Magic Wands

Magical whimsy and fantastic battles await with this wand set sure to bring the magic to any wizard, mage, warlock, or fairy.

Butterfly Wand
Crystal Wand
Flower Wand
Skull Wand
Unicorn Wand

Butterfly Wand G8F Elegant LH
Butterfly Wand G8F Elegant RH
Butterfly Wand G8F Grip LH
Butterfly Wand G8F Grip RH
Crystal Wand G8F Elegant LH
Crystal Wand G8F Elegant RH
Crystal Wand G8F Grip LH
Crystal Wand G8F Grip RH
Flower Wand G8F Elegant LH
Flower Wand G8F Elegant RH
Flower Wand G8F Grip LH
Flower Wand G8F Grip RH
Skull Wand G8F Elegant LH
Skull Wand G8F Elegant RH
Skull Wand G8F Grip LH
Skull Wand G8F Grip RH
Unicorn Wand G8F Elegant LH
Unicorn Wand G8F Elegant RH
Unicorn Wand G8F Grip LH
Unicorn Wand G8F Grip RH
Butterfly Wand G8M Elegant LH
Butterfly Wand G8M Elegant RH
Butterfly Wand G8M Grip LH
Butterfly Wand G8M Grip RH
Crystal Wand G8M Elegant LH
Crystal Wand G8M Elegant RH
Crystal Wand G8M Grip LH
Crystal Wand G8M Grip RH
Flower Wand G8M Elegant LH
Flower Wand G8M Elegant RH
Flower Wand G8M Grip LH
Flower Wand G8M Grip RH
Skull Wand G8M Elegant LH
Skull Wand G8M Elegant RH
Skull Wand G8M Grip LH
Skull Wand G8M Grip RH
Unicorn Wand G8M Elegant LH
Unicorn Wand G8M Elegant RH
Unicorn Wand G8M Grip LH
Unicorn Wand G8M Grip RH

Materials Iray:
Butterfly Wand Black
Butterfly Wand Gold
Butterfly Wand Silver
Butterfly Wand White
Butterfly Wand Z Gem Black
Butterfly Wand Z Gem Blue
Butterfly Wand Z Gem Green
Butterfly Wand Z Gem Orange
Butterfly Wand Z Gem Pink
Butterfly Wand Z Gem Purple
Butterfly Wand Z Gem Red
Butterfly Wand Z Gem Yellow
Crystal Wand Black
Crystal Wand Gold
Crystal Wand Silver
Crystal Wand Wood
Crystal Wand Z Gem Bloodstone
Crystal Wand Z Gem Blue
Crystal Wand Z Gem Green
Crystal Wand Z Gem Moonstone
Crystal Wand Z Gem Orange
Crystal Wand Z Gem Pink
Crystal Wand Z Gem Purple
Crystal Wand Z Gem Red
Crystal Wand Z Jewels Bloodstone
Crystal Wand Z Jewels Blue
Crystal Wand Z Jewels Green
Crystal Wand Z Jewels Moonstone
Crystal Wand Z Jewels Orange
Crystal Wand Z Jewels Pink
Crystal Wand Z Jewels Purple
Crystal Wand Z Jewels Red
Flower Wand Black
Flower Wand Gold
Flower Wand Nature
Flower Wand Wood
Flower Wand Z Gem Bloodstone
Flower Wand Z Gem Blue Sparkles
Flower Wand Z Gem Flame
Flower Wand Z Gem Gold Dust
Flower Wand Z Gem Lilac
Flower Wand Z Gem Moonstone
Flower Wand Z Gem Nature
Flower Wand Z Gem White Sparkles
Skull Wand Black
Skull Wand Blue
Skull Wand Bone
Skull Wand Purple
Skull Wand Z Accents Bone
Skull Wand Z Accents Gold
Skull Wand Z Accents Grey
Skull Wand Z Accents Silver
Skull Wand Z Handle Blue
Skull Wand Z Handle Brown
Skull Wand Z Handle Purple
Skull Wand Z Handle Red
Skull Wand Z Skull Bone
Skull Wand Z Skull Gold
Skull Wand Z Skull Grey
Skull Wand Z Skull Silver
Unicorn Wand Black
Unicorn Wand Red
Unicorn Wand Silver
Unicorn Wand White

Textures Include:
99 Texture Base, Metallicity, Roughness, Normal, Emissive, Transparency Maps (4096 x 4096)

Includes the Daz Studio format which is subject to the Daz3D EULA.
Daz Studio, Maya, 3ds Max, Blender, Cinema 4D, Unreal, FBX, OBJ formats

Tafi is the avatar company and developer of the Daz 3D character system. This content was originally developed for Daz Studio.

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