Male MMA Fighter:  Zbrush, Maya, Max, Obj, Fbx

This is a Zbrush realistic human model with low poly and high poly subdivision levels. Zbrush project file Includes: body, eyes, mma shorts and underwear. Perfect if you want to reshape your own custom bodybuilder or fighter, without having to start from scratch. You can simply edit the lowest zbrush level to make him thinner or fatter and you get to keep all the nice details.

  • Clean quad animation friendly topology perfect for sculpting and animating.
  • Human body polycount: lowest level is 4634 quads, highest level is 4.75 million quads.

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  • Awesome Base Mesh for Massive Muscular Characters!

    The one star I took away has to do with the broken UV’s. The face UV’s are solid, but the rest of the body has some of the worst UV’s I’ve ever seen. BUT! That’s only one star. Everything else about the model is absolutely fantastic.

    Out of the box, I did a quick sketch using this mesh to get a general feel for how it works, and I was able to create some really cool super villain style characters, like Marvel’s Rhino, and some random original characters like that, with minimal effort. The topology is great, the usability while sculpting is excellent, etc… And the menacing look of the default model is a great starting point for all sorts of characters (not JUST MMA fighters). With that being said though, like I mentioned before, once it came time to start painting a character, that’s when I noticed the UV’s were all over the place. So as long as you’re willing to create your own UV’s for the character, then I would say this is easily a 5 star base mesh. As it stands, it’s a strong 4. (I would give it 4.5 if it was an option).

    One positive aspect of not having UV’s though, is that I feel I can get wild with Dynamesh, and create characters that no longer even look human, without worrying about the restrictions of trying to maintain preset UV’s. I’m happy with the purchase, and would highly recommend this base mesh for a lot of purposes. I’m just not looking forward to the boring process of creating my own UV’s for whatever characters I create with it. The characters I’ve created so far with it though, do look pretty awesome!

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