Male Underwear Pack. MD / CLO 3D / Gen 8 / Zprj OBJ FBX

Male Underwear Pack. MD / CLO 3D .zprj (Genesis 8 avatar)

Marvelous Designer / CLO 3D .zprj projects files

Man / Men’s Underwear / Swimwear / Trunks / Underpants

Collection includes: shorts with buttons, briefs / trunks, boxers, high boxers

  • Added graphics for an example
  • Genesis 8 male avatar

OBJ and FBX export features:

  • quad mesh type 
  • multiple object, thick, unweld
  • unified png UV coordinates, 8192 pix (texture seams 5 mm)
  • diffuse, normal maps
  • absolute texture image file path
  • topstitch and graphics deleted
  • default md textures

If you have any questions, please feel free to dm me

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